Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Wet Process Equipment

This type of system is flexible for small or mass production, enhances productivity and factory safety, but reduces environmental impact. PROCESS ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY LTD., has accumulated decades of experience in surface treatment and has applied for many patents in the new technology.

High-tech surface treatment by rack plating can be used in a wide range of applications:

  • Desmear
  • PTH
  • PCB

Versatility – Flexible design in many areas

  • Electroless plating
  • PCB plated thick copper
  • PCB plated fine lines

Modular design – high quality plastic / stainless steel standards

  • Reasonable price module / cost reduction
  • Reduce the space requirements for the installation area
  • Reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs
  • Simplify chemical process service and handling

Increase of production capacity – can be double flight bars

  • Shorten the cycle by optimizing traverse and lifting speeds
  • High efficiency and energy saving linear control for travel and lift movements

Delivery of plating solutions – to improve environmental performance

  • Jet flow is fast and spacing is small
  • Vertical jet flow improves surface deposition
  • Horizontal jet flow improves microscopic and deep plating
  • The maximum mass transfer of the metal / electrolyte boundary layer
  • Allows current density to increase when compared to conventional methods

Exhaust technology – energy efficiency design

  • Tank lids are installed to reduce gas dissipation
  • The effect of the ventilation device is significantly improved
  • An enclosure can be set up

Special technical data

  • Almost adaptable to all processes
  • The number of cranes is designed according to the cycle time
  • The length of the machine depends on the design of the process
  • Lifting height and load is based on the product
  • After the design, loading and unloading can be fully automated

Printed circuit board: black oxide line


Printed circuit board: PTH line


Printed circuit board: electroless nickel gold


Printed circuit board: semi-additive equipment