Features of Electrical Control

  1. Quality electrical components are used and are suitable for surface treatment factories.
  2. Crane is equipped with manual control and remote control to facilitate operations.
  3. Crane can be positioned by laser positioning, RFID positioning and encoder positioning to meet customer needs.
  4. The crane is equipped with such protection as anti-double loading, anti-collision, anti-reversal, fly bar detection and the overtravel for lifting up and down. The entire production line can be set, as required, with emergency stop rope switch or area sensor to improve the personel operation safety.
  5. Electric heating protection includes multiple protections as the overheat protection for electric heater itself, temperature controller protection, level switch protection and the interlock control of the pump, aiming to prevent any possible dry heating without solution.
  6. Automatic dosing function can be directly controlled by the ampere hour meter or the PLC mode.
  7. Rectifier function can be controlled with the AD-DA mode or the PLC through network.
  8. The control system can be equipped with remote monitoring to provide real-time operation and monitoring of the equipment, thus eliminating the constraints of time and space and enhancing the problem-solving efficiency.
  9. Flat cables of the crane are held and transported by a patented method for smooth running.