Maintenance Hotline and Remote Maintenance

It is the most important mission for PAT to keep your systems running at the highest utilization rate and the shortest downtime.

If there is any problem that your staff cannot solve on-site, please call PAT’s service hotline during the office hours. We can also provide service at night or during holiday according to the contract signed between us.

  • Level 1 support: PAT’s technician will contact your experienced technician to obtain the type of fault information and provides a clear instruction on how to solve the problem, if possible.
  • Level 2 support: If the problem is not resolved, our technician responsible for the project will link to your system to diagnose and analyze the data through the remote maintenance mechanism. This is achieved through our remote-control software, which is installed, with your approval, in the most important computer in your system. The access is executed in an encoded format and is only temporarily released, when necessary.

If the problem is still not resolved by telephone or remote maintenance program, our technician will be sent to the site to clear the fault.