Introduction to Laboratory Equipment

A. Universal cutting machine


Features of the machine:

  1. Anodized aluminum alloy table provides smooth feeding
  2. Super cutting capability to cut quickly
  3. Diamond cutting blade provides smooth cutting surface
  4. Double-axis parallel cutting auxiliary, which can also cut coupons at any angle to meet your needs
  5. Mute design
  6. Dust collection design to avoid dust pollution (with a vacuum cleaner)
  7. 0~6000 RPM adjustable speed (with a tachometer)
  8. Japanese-made high-quality switch and LED power indicator
  9. Patented high-torque drive motor with variable speed gear set
  10. Ultra-stable body makes it easy to operate

Specifications of the machine:

  1. Power supply: AC 220V single phase voltage
  2. Cutting table: 440 * 290 mm
  3. Maximum cutting thickness: 2~30 mm (depending on blade size)
  4. Cutting material loss: blade 1~1.5 mm (depending on blade size)
  5. Speed: 0~6000 RPM (effective speed: 60~6000 RPM)
  6. Motor: high torque 600W DC motor
  7. Drive mode: belt + gear module
  8. Machine size: 455 * 390 * 155 mm
  9. Machine weight: 18Kg
  10. Diamond cutting blade: 85 mm

B. Double-disk automatic inching grinding and polishing machine


Features of the machine:

  1. Machine is painted with non-toxic powder.
  2. With precision in rotary balance, the machine does not swing partially even under hard pressure.
  3. Designed with sturdy body, the machine does not shake during operation.
  4. Designed with waterproof cover, grinding is safe and easy, and the work piece does not fly away easily.
  5. Designed with leak-proof spindle, the machine operates smoothly.
  6. Exchangeable grinding discs can be replaced quickly.
  7. The position of stainless steel spray pipe can be adjusted as desired.
  8. The design of special O-ring rubber to fix the sandpaper polished flannel makes the replacement of sandpaper and flannel simpler and faster, and it also prevents the lid from flying out to hurt your hands as the case in other machine type.
  9. Low-speed high-torque brushless motor system is available (optional).

Specifications of the machine:

  1. The number of grinding disks: 2
  2. Grinding method: automatic grinding
  3. The diameter of the grinding disc: Ф 200
  4. Grinding speed: 0~600 RPM (according to customer demand)
  5. Grinding horsepower: DC 200 V 1Φ x 300W
  6. The number of cooling devices: 2
  7. Machine type: desktop type
  8. Machine size: 740 x 720 x 350
  9. Power supply: AC 220 V 1Φ
  10. Weight: 73Kg

C. Optical microscope


Features of the machine:

  1. UIS infinite parallel optical system.
  2. Objective magnification 25~2500×.
  3. Ergonomic design.
  4. Provision of such microscopic observation methods as bright field, dark field, polarization, differential interference contrast, fluorescence and others.
  5. Up to a dozen groups of different use of objective lens to choose from.
  6. 12V/100W ultra-high brightness light source.
  7. Adaptable with CCD camera, monitor and measurement software.
  8. Machine can be modified to meet the special needs of customers.

D. General hot air circulation oven


Specifications of the machine:

  1. Air supply motor: 1/10HP
  2. Internal dimensions: W300 * D300 * H300mm
  3. External dimensions: W430 * D470* H680mm
  4. Power supply: 110V 50/60Hz
  5. Current: 10A
  6. Weight: about 40kg

Features of the machine:

  1. Mode: forced air circulation
  2. Temperature range in use: 40℃~200℃ (or 50℃~300℃)
  3. Mean temperature: ±5%
  4. Temperature control accuracy: ±0.5℃
  5. Interior and exterior material for the box: Interior — stainless steel plate; exterior — galvanized steel plate paint with powder painting
  6. Temperature control system: Microcomputer P.I.D. automatic-calculation thermometer with S.S.R control
  7. Temperature setting mode: Touch mode: LED digital display (simultaneous display)
  8. Temperature representation: LED digital display (simultaneous dual display)
  9. Thermometer: K (thermocouple)
  10. Insulation material: rock wool
  11. Safety devices: self-diagnostic function, temperature anomalies, overheating, disconnection, power supply, motor protection switch

E. Copper foil thickness gauge


Features of the machine:

  1. The stored measurement data can be selected and corrected.
  2. Automatic probe recognition function.
  3. Two-way RS232 port for PC or printer connection.
  4. Specifications with audible signal restrictions.
  5. Statistical evaluation function.

Specifications of the machine:

  1. Function: Principle of micro-resistance is used to measure the thickness of the copper layer
  2. Applicability: Measure the thickness of the copper foil layer on the multilayer circuit board and single / double sided soft board
  3. Host features: large LED screen
  4. Measuring probe: PROBE ERCUN (probe of side copper)
  5. Test range: 0.1-120 um (0.04-4.8 mils)
  6. Measurement accuracy: Range 1: 0.1 – 10um 0.1 – 5um = 0.075 um 5 – 10 um = 1.5%, 2.5 – 120 um 5 – 50 um = 0.5 um 50 – 80 um = 1% > 80 um = 2%
  7. Host size: 160 mm x 80 mm x 30 mm (length x width x height)
  8. Host Weight: 230 grams

F. Manual punch


Machine operation mode

  1. Set the PC board with the punch holes to align with the 2 pins on the lower mold. Note: If there is no hole, PIN can be pulled out to make it easy for sampling.
  2. Place the SAMPLE board to be sampled into the slicing slot, align the position, and turn on the reel counterclockwise to punch down the cut slice
  3. After the punch, take down the slices with the hook. Then, you complete the slicing action.

Notes to machine operation:

  1. Do not put your hands inside the mold to prevent danger.
  2. Do not punch any board of more than 5 mm thick or any metal plate other than pc board.
  3. The upper and lower molds of the machine are consumables, which will result in abrasive wear due to frequent use and improper operation. For replacement, please notify the factory if necessary.