Coating Pretreatment Equipment

The pretreatment process determines the difference between the “general” and “first-class” craftsmanship levels. Quality requirements in the coating industry continue to rise. As a result, the most successful coating factories are equipped with appropriate pretreatment systems. The pretreatment machine is suitable for the cleaning process of most substrates. After the work piece is loaded, the grease or dirt is removed by cleaning with a detergent, then washed with water and finally dried.

PAT’s pretreatment equipment is designed for painting or electroplating the surface of the products. The pretreatment is carried out by the use of spray, soak or a combination of the two to remove the dirt, grease and/or contaminants from the surface of the product, and then a phosphate or conversion coating is applied to prevent corrosion and improve paint adhesion, depending on the process requirements. The machine can be operated easily and economically to quickly complete the cycle.

PAT works with chemical or coating suppliers to analyze requirements before developing equipment to integrate design parameters into the pretreatment systems.


  • Iron or stainless steel structure
  • A design combination of spray or dipping
  • Bilateral welded tanks
  • Filtering system
  • Automatic dosing system
  • Water saving function
  • High efficiency heating systems (steam, hot water or electric heat)
  • Quick disconnect nozzle assembly
  • Sludge removal system
  • Preassembled and on-site testing
  • Oil and water separation device
  • pH and conductivity measurements
  • Spray pressure control