Hardware Electroplating Equipment — Barrel Plating

PAT is synonymous to “efficient barrels” in the industry, and is devoted to the development of electroplating barrels for new applications.

A variety of materials are available, such as stainless steel and PP. There are also a variety of components and technical process for selection. All of them can be used to develop the latest plating process.

Accessories that PAT builds for electroplating

  • Barrels
  • Bearings
  • Contacts
  • Through-hole cover… etc.

PAT is very flexible in providing our customers with solutions for the project in any size. We always communicate with customers to establish a variety of high-performance options for the project.



Professional design and manufacture of high-performance system components

For decades, the “PAT” barrels have won the highest reputation in the electroplating industry. Based on its unique production technology, PAT continues to expand its product scope. In addition to its advanced electroplating systems, it can still provide:

  • High current component, for example
  • High current connection and contacts technology
  • Highly wear-resistant machined parts
  • Acid and alkali resistant plastic material parts
  • Customized design

We are able to conquer engineering challenges to customize effective solutions according to customer demand. Our team supports you globally. , Because we make decision locally, we can eliminate time difference to save time and money for you.


High-performance barrels

Barrels, materials, bearing systems

PAT uses such effective materials as PP, stainless steel or other special materials to make barrels to provide customized solutions for on-site applications.

Our application consultants choose the most suitable barrel material for you in accordance with chemical and heat load parameters.

Whether it is a single barrel or a combination of multiple barrels, or it is newly made or re-made from high-performance barrels, PAT helps to assemble the barrels for the application in specific occasion. The support structure of barrels can be made of coated materials or other special materials. The crane and contact system can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Barrel series for electroless process

  • The batch weight of single barrel set can be designed according to customer requirements.
  • It can be made of high temperature resistant quality stainless steel or engineering plastics.
  • It can be made of engineering plastics, which provide better protection and make less noise than stainless steel.
  • Dimensions can be adjusted according to customer requirements.
  • Passivated carriers can be also coated.
  • Turn on/off with the knob.

Barrels for Long work pieces

  • High performance special plating barrel set.
  • Batch weight and length are designed according to customer requirements.
  • Polypropylene (PP) components.
  • Fully welded barrel cylinder to prevent dragout loss.
  • Innovative barrel concept helps to optimize film thickness distribution and barrel drying.
  • Large opening on barrel cylinder can be locked easily.
  • Special shape of the lid ensures seamless and stable fit.
  • The highest operational safety is achieved by adjusting the shape.

Product collection

The collection basket has round holes, whose filling diameters can be treated as required. The collection basket can be turned to the set angle to facilitate filling.

Small barrel series

Our small barrel series has different applications. The cylinder of a standard barrel is made of polypropylene (PP) or other materials for special design.

To minimize the dragout loss, the barrel must be wholly welded and smoothly seamed to prevent the product from being stuck in the barrel. The special grove structure at the end prevents the flat pieces from adhering to the surface. The lid with large-sized opening is designed for easy loading and unloading. The attached lid provides the best operating safety and ease of use. The position and form of the lid are so designed to prevent even the smallest parts from being stuck in between the lid and the barrel.

PATented hole plugs are used to provide the best adaption for the product and customer requirements due to the possible large area of perforation.

In order to transfer the electroplating current to the product, various forms of conductive connection points are available. Classic cable connection points are one example, but the disc or other types of contacts are also feasible.

Small barrels meet the requirements for electronic components, electroplating service, and research and development areas.

Does your system in operation need to be replaced? PAT can re-design your system in a simple way according to your sample or drawing, and we can make individual spare parts or even perform the entire maintenance work for you. Please contact us for any technical advice and service.