Electrophoretic Coating Equipment


PAT’s electro- coating equipment is the best choice for the smooth surface treatment in the automotive industry, in which the frame components must be resistant to high corrosion. It is also applicable to the general industries that require high corrosion resistance and beautiful finishes.

Electro-coating can be divided into the following areas:

  • Cleaning of pretreatment process and phosphate treating the metals to prepare the surface for electro-coating. The electro-coating factory analyzes the metals to be treated and select the most suitable chemicals and pretreatment process.
  • Electroplating bath and auxiliary equipment zone are the areas where the coating is applied and the process control equipment is operated. The electroplating bath contains DI water and paint solids. The paint solids are constantly agitated and circulated.
  • Post-wash provides quality and protection. Once the coated surface reaches the desired film thickness, the work piece is insulated and the coating process slows down. When the parts leave the plating bath, the coating solids attached to the surface must be washed away.
  • The drying furnace cures the coating according to the resin baking time, to ensure maximum performance features.