PAT has advanced technology and very rich experience in anodizing.

The aluminum is first polished by chemicals, and then built up the uniform oxide film in the anodizing oxidation process by adjusting the current and time, and finally color the surface to become colored aluminum.


Advantages in two aspects:

1. Technical advantages

  • The crane can move quickly and steadily as needed in a particular tank.
  • Anodic oxidation to form a double-layer structure film. The inner layer is dense, non-porous and contains less water, while the outer layer is porous and can adsorb dye to form a film with excellent color.
  • An efficient plate heat exchanger is used on the anodizing tank to conserve energy.
  • The sealing tank can be supplied with hot water automatically.
  • Convenience

2. Automatic program control system

  • The filter is designed with the operational controls at two positions for easy maintenance.
  • The temperature of solution can be monitored at the tank side.
  • The rectifier has a remote-control function.
  • The man-machine touch panel is of graphic interface and easy to operate.

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