Control Software

PAT provides turnkey services, including professional consulting, electroplating machines, electric control cabinets, automatic DMS software systems, and after-sales maintenance. The DMS software is designed to provide flexible and convenient process control, whose customized system with perfect engineering configuration can always meet customer demand for production.

DMS (Data monitoring system)

  1. Clear and detailed graphic designs for machine components, such as barrel tanks, cranes, ancillary equipment and so on.
  2. Intuitive graphics design to simplify the operation, reduce the training time and the possibility of error.
  3. Flexible configuration enabling operators to easily customize the parameters.
  4. A statistics tool for document files of long-term production parameters.
  5. The database for work piece and production sequence management.
  6. Diagnosis and resolution of plating problems by remotely monitoring through the Internet.
  7. Bar code at the loading / unloading station.
  8. Random feeding mode for production.
  9. Free editing of production order in a random loading mode.
  10. Possibility of mixing production sequence.
  11. Rectifier control.
  12. Constant inspection of parameters (chemicals, pH, temperature, dose, conductivity, water flow and air flow.).
  13. Windows user interface.
  14. Over 40 years of references in the industry around the world.