Planning Advice for Production Equipment

The choice of a right electroplating solution is really a challenge and requires expertise knowledge and skills to ensure that the selected process meets the industry’s specifications and standards, and it is also necessary to give customers effective training to properly execute the selected electroplating process.

Many electroplating companies are happy to provide the most expensive electroplating solutions, such as gold, silver or palladium plating solutions, regardless of whether it is reasonable for end users. This “no change for everything” practice fails to take into account the real needs of the customer, nor does it take into account the customer’s budget pressure. Our highly consultative approach generally meets the best interests of our customers for their electroplating / metal surface treatment services

Let PAT become your reliable partner for electroplating advice and service

Let our professional technicians guide you to meet your demand for industrial metal plating. We are proud to say that PAT provides unique electroplating service that always meets the industrial standards for electroplating. During our consultation process, we will devote much time to understanding your industry and how to improve the quality of your finished product, and then recommend the best metal surface treatment service for your company’s needs and budget.

A comprehensive list of electroplating advisory services

Our experienced consultants will assess your electroplating requirements and provide a wide range of services, including

  • Feasibility study
  • Process equipment assessment
  • Sewage treatment assessment
  • Initiation of operation for electroplating factory
  • Factory layout
  • Equipment design and plating training

Electroplating consultants and work experience

Our consultants own decades of experience in electroplating and metal surface treatment for a wide range of industries, including communications, electronics, automotive, hardware and semiconductors. For decades, PAT has continued to help companies choose, apply and maintain the right electroplating solution in the most cost-effective manner. All our employees are committed to providing the metal-plating services for the highest customer satisfaction.

Integrated plating training services

Once you choose the ideal metal plating solution for your company, the next step is to execute it effectively. We are able to provide comprehensive electroplating training at your factory to enable your team to perform the selected electroplating process with the highest efficiency, and your operators will obtain valuable practical plating training from the PAT’s top experts. Another option is that you send your team to our factory to observe our time-honored work methods in operation.

The leader in the electroplating industry for more than 40 years

Our consultants have been providing reliable metal surface treatment solutions to many companies since 1972. PAT is widely reputed as the industrial innovator who has developed the electroplating process to help companies reduce costs, improve quality and enhance operational efficiency. Our customer base includes a variety of companies engaged in such industries as communications, electricity, automotive, hardware and semiconductors. Over the years, PAT has helped them and many other companies maximize their productivity and profitability and achieve their business goals.

Learn more about the PAT’s electroplating advice and service

Never reluctantly accept a metal plating process that does not provide the results you need. PAT provides the electroplating advice and training services that make full use of your industrial electroplating process. Contact us to learn more about how our consultants can benefit your business. We are always pleased to quote a price for any plating or other metal surface treatment services.