Computer Aided Design

PAT’s Computer aided design

PAT’s computer-aided design uses computer programs to create 2D and 3D physical object graphics. The CAD is used to design the physical products, whose optimal shape and size and industrial design applications are calculated and determined by the software.

In the product and industrial design, the CAD is mainly used to build detailed 3D physical or curved surface models, or 2D vector graphics for physical components. PAT, nevertheless, uses CAD in all the engineering processes from the conceptual design and layout of a product to the dynamic analysis of strength and components to the definition of manufacturing methods, so that our engineers can interact with and automatically analyze the design variables, to find out the best manufacturing design, while reducing the use of physical prototypes.

Advantages of PAT’s Computer aided design

They include lowered product development costs, increased productivity, improved product quality and shortened time-to-market process.

  • Our CAD system gives final products, components and parts better visual effects and accelerates the design process.
  • Provides greater accuracy to reduce errors.
  • Provides simpler, more reliable design files, including geometry and size, bill of materials, and so on.
  • Makes it easier to re-use the design data and the best practice cases.